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Our History

Past Career

Mike Fraser is a Senior Structural Engineering Design Draughtsman
with a Civil/Structural Engineering Qualification.
He has worked in this field for various companies over the years.
Driven by a burning desire for self-development, he embarked on a
long and gradual journey of Self-Discovery and Self-Empowerment
doing the following courses:
• The Dale Carnegie Training Programme in Human Relations,
Effective Communication and Leadership in 1989.
He won the Human Relations & Impromptu Champion Awards.
• Skills Development Facilitator Programme in 2000.
• John Kehoe’s Mind Power Programme in 2003.
• Principle Based Leadership at Pointman Leadership Institute 2003
• Basic Business Skills course at Stellenbosch University in 2007.
• Becoming an Inspired Entrepreneur with Nick Williams in 2008.
• Brain Power Programme at Peak Performance Training in 2008.
• Character First Facilitator at True Africa Leadership in 2011.
• Career Direct Facilitator at True Africa Leadership in 2011.

Current Career

Mike is an Emotional Intelligence Coach and a Champion for
Personal Development.
He has developed a very effective Training Programme called
This Training Programme is based on the 4 Core Skills of
Emotional Intelligence, namely
1. Self Awareness
2. Social Awareness
3. Self Management and
4. Relationship Management.
The Programme is a valuable asset for Individuals, Work Teams,
Sports Teams, Youth Groups, Teachers, School Governing Bodies,
Parents and Learners, for Leaders in government, business and the
public service, for Small and Big Business Owners and
Entrepreneurs. Everybody who is serious about Personal Growth.

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